Upgrade Every Camping Trip Into A Glamping One!

Published on 06/22/2020

One very cushy and luxurious trend in adventuring outdoors is known as “glamping”. As you probably guessed, the word is a clever mixing of the words glamour and camping, and that’s exactly what it is, camping in style!
Of course, camping has always varied in its levels of comfort and pleasure among outdoor enthusiasts, from sleeping on the ground to lofty tents with all manner of amenities. Glamping, on the other hand, aims at enticing those used to a certain level of fanciness out of their condos for the great outdoors.
There are plenty of things to consider when heading out for your first glamping adventure, so let’s get straight into it!

Upgrade Every Camping Trip Into A Glamping One

Upgrade Every Camping Trip Into A Glamping One

Booking An Experience Or Going At It Alone

The first thing you need to consider when considering a glamping experience is whether you would like to try your hand at glamorous camping independently or book a glamping experience through a company that facilitates luxurious outdoor adventures.
While you will obviously have the entire experience facilitated for you when booking a professional glamping experience, you could instead use what would probably be a steep cover charge to facilitate your own fantastic glamping adventure!

Sufficient Lighting

This is an essential part of any camping experience, as being caught out in the dark without enough lighting in the wild can be a very scary and incapacitating experience.
In terms of glamping, however, you want to bring an assortment of scented candles, USB-charged portable lights, and torches to set a cozy ambiance in your camping spot. There are a lot of awesomely convenient and easily powered modern outdoor lighting gadgets available in 2020.

The Right Bed

Now, no matter how luxuriously your glamping experience turns out, remember that you can’t bring your bed with you! Isn’t leaving your home’s comforts behind part of the general camping fun, anyway?
You do not need to rough it at all while glamping when there are so many incredibly air mattresses available for purchase. The air mattress can be easily packed while deflated and quickly set up when it is time to rest or call it a night in your snazzy tent.

The Ideal Tent

When it comes to glamping tents, there are some seriously mind-blowing designs that offer a sensational level of the shelter without damaging the surrounding environment.
One of the key things to consider when browsing a glamping tent, however, is just how well ventilated it is. The last thing you want is to be stuck in an expensive tent without the right level of coolness.

The Ideal Tent

The Ideal Tent

A Functioning Cooking Space

Finally, we need to discuss your cooking space. Gone are the days of canned beans and peaches as glampers insist on making a fully functioning cooking space where lavish square meals can be prepared!
It’s easy to erect a glamping cooking and eating area. Bring your foldable table and a pretty tablecloth to cover it, plenty of plates and cutlery, and a Dutch oven to cook your meals over a campfire.