Breathe New Life Into Your Home With These Cozy Touches

Published on 03/11/2019
Breathe New Life Into Your Home With These Cozy Touches1

Breathe New Life Into Your Home With These Cozy Touches

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your home or simply add some warm homely touches, then we’ve got some cozy tricks for you. Amazingly enough, you might already have some of these items lurking in your house, waiting for their moment to shine. Now they can stop collecting dust and finally be put to good use. You can also source many of these items on a budget, and these sneaky tricks will instantly add some much needed coziness to your home, as well as impressing all of your guests.

Choose Soft & Neutral Colors

Choose a neutral or soft color scheme for each room to help create a serene, warm environment. This will also give each room a clean look. Once you have a neutral color palette, so you can have the freedom to spice it up with colorful touches, unique furniture or stand-out artwork.

Add Texture, Layers & Cushions

Instantly warm each room with different textures, layers, fabrics and materials. You can add a rustic wooden, mirrored glass or unique-shaped coffee table to create a trendy focal point in the living room. You could also fill your bed and sofa with bold cushions and luxurious throws. On the floor, you can add some unique, luxurious, colorful or layered rugs, or leave a few pillows on the ground to welcome guests.

Freshen Up Your Linens

Make your bedroom more luxurious by throwing out your old, tired bedding and replacing it with brand new sophisticated and elegant sheets. The same goes for towels. You can also layer your bed with luxurious throws and unique or colorful pillows. Not only will your room look more cozy and lavish, it will make waking up every day in your new bed, even more exciting.

Display Unique Items

Inject some creative touches to each room by displaying some unique items and accessories. You can add some pop your coffee table, cabinets or shelves with a unique bowl, vase, scented candle, jug, collectibles, a wicker basket, decorative accessories, fabric strips or books. You can even search in your closet for old trinkets and personalize each room with some stand-out artwork, printed signs with homely words, inspirational quotes and family photos. Then all you have to do is choose how you want to organize them all and really let your creativity shine.

Add Mirrors

Adding an over-sized mirror will instantly add extra space and natural lighting your room. You can even add multiple mirrors for an extra dimension.

Go to nature

Create a cozy, natural and organic feel to your home by adding plants, succulents, flowers or branches, cut wood or scented candles. You can also collect rocks, pebbles, pine cones, scented dried flowers or petals and display into bowls, platters, trays or glassware, for a really natural touch.

Happy homemaking!