7 Ways To Bring Happy Feng Shui Vibes Into Your Home

Published on 03/11/2019

Whether you’re looking for some more zen to your life or bring happier vibes to your home, then feng shui promises to do all of this and more. The ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui has evolved through the years and is actually a very deep and complex movement, designed to harmonize the energy in your home and life. But we’re here to demystify these ancient concepts and break it down for you in 7 simple steps.

Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui Home

Clear Your Clutter

The first step to create a harmonious feng shui home is to clear out your clutter and remove negative energy. According to the philosophy, we create an intimate environment at home that is full of symbolism representing our fears and challenges and emotions. So if you have trouble gaining clarity, we may have too much clutter on the surfaces, if you’re too single, you might be filling house with single imagery or if you have self-esteem issues, you might be hanging your mirrors too high. So clearing and organizing your clutter and it might just feel like zen therapy.

Maximize Air & Natural Light

Bring some positive feng shui energy (Chi) into your home by maximizing air and light. You can do this by opening your windows often, allowing as much natural light as possible, introducing feng shui air-purifying plants, or investing in an air purifier. Another top tip is to add some more mirrors around your house to reflect more light, offer serenity and make the room more expansive. In feng shui they often prescribe mirrors to treat ailments, like a feng shui aspirin. Natural light and mirrors will also make is feel happier and bring more positive vibes to our homes.

Define Your Energy Map

One of the essential principle of feng shui is to define your energy map. So the map is divided into directions and each one is connected to a different area of your life. So North is career, NE is spritual growth, East is health, SE is money, S is fame, SW is love and marriage, West is creativity and NW is helpful people. So you can decide which area and which direction you want to focus the energy and flow throughout your home.

Define Your Energy Map

Define Your Energy Map

Balance The Five Feng Shui Elements

Another key principle of feng shui is to incorporate the five elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water to help create balance and vibrant energy in your home. This is also connected to the energy map. So if you want to attract more prosperity, then you can introduce wood and water in the Southeastern area of your home. The aim is to create a balance of all the elements, so you can add warmer tones or candles to create the fire element. You should also look at what your trying to attract or change in your life, so if you are too aggressive then check if you have too many fire elements in your home and if you are looking to be more motivated, then try adding a little more fire to your life. Just remember to balance it all out.

Discover Your Feng Shui Birth Element

If you find out your feng shui birth element, then you can incorporate more of this element in your home. So if it is Fire, then you can introduce more expressions of the element into each room, like warm fiery colors red, orange, purple, magenta, pink, and yellow. You can also add wooden features as in the philosophy wood feeds the fire in the productive cycle.

Learn Your Kua Number & Your Lucky Directions

Ok stay with us here as it’s not as complicated is it seems. But basically all you have to do is find out your Kua number and your lucky directions. Then you can use this as a guide to position everything in your room, like your desk or sofa towards your lucky direction, and energize your life with even more happy vibes.

The Power Of Positive Energy

In feng shui, everything in your home is connected to energy and will influence your well-being and health. So the feng shui ‘trinity’, your bedroom, your bathroom, and your kitchen are all connected to our health. Since nothing is static in the world of energy, you need to be aware of the energy in each room. Promoting the right energy will help promote a happy and healthy home.

Good luck zen stars!