Maximize Your Small Space With These Easy Hacks

Published on 03/12/2019

Maximizing space in a room that doesn’t have a lot of it, is now easier than ever before. With these space-saving tips and tricks, you’ll enjoy your room to the fullest!

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Maximize Your Small Space With These Easy Hacks

1. Declutter

First things first, you don’t have a lot of space, so you don’t need a lot of things. Get rid of everything apart from the necessities, you’ll thank us later. Remember: less is more, and the more you have, the more overwhelming and messy your space will look. Do you have 4 favorite plotted plants? Pick 2 and put the other 2 in another room. Same goes for trinkets and picture frames…you don’t need much to create a huge impact.

2. Storage, Storage & More Storage

Now that you’ve taken everything out of your room except for your favorite items, let’s get started on storage solutions. When it comes to a small space, you don’t have the room to display everything in plain sight, so boxes, bins and cabinets are crucial to store your extra belongings. We’re going for a clean, sleek look, so let’s hide everything…or almost everything at least. Instead of taking up space with a coat rack, buy a bin to store your winter coats and put it in the top of the closet. Your floor space will be cleared up, and your coats won’t have to get dusty during the summer months! Win-win.

3. Multi-functional Design

Lacking the amount of space for a bed and a couch? Make it multi-functional and buy a bed that can serve as a couch, or vice versa. Daybeds are great for this as they are actual beds, but look and function as couches too. If you don’t want your guests sitting where you lay your head at night, buy a blanket and drape it over your bed for when friends come. Time for bed? Fold the blanket, put it away, and get your space ready for night night! Another great idea is a kitchen counter that also serves as a table. Like in the picture above, the counter top to the right is a great prep-space, but when it comes time to actually enjoy the food, pop two chairs in and you have yourself a full-functioning kitchen table. As the saying goes: kill two birds with one stone!

4. Light Colors

Light colors are key to creating a space that feels big, airy and open, and not like the small 12×12 box of a room that it is. Dark colors will only make the space feel smaller, so opt for whites, light greys and beiges. Your room will feel light and bright, and so will you!