Few Questions You Must Ask An Architect Before Hiring

Published on 10/20/2021

When you are building a new home for yourself, there are various things that you need to factor in. The most important of all is to hire an architect capable of offering you the results you want. An architect will be the person who will design the home for you, and they must be able to understand precisely what you want. And we would highly recommend interviewing a few architects before hiring one. The process of finding the right architect for the job must be done with special care, and yes, you might already have a few questions that you are going to ask related to the portfolio and references. Still, there is more to it than just checking the connections. The architect you are hiring will work on your requirements, and going through their portfolio will help you understand their thought process and creativity. A detailed meeting with the potential hire will help you know how they will execute the ideas you have. In this blog, we will jot down a few questions that you must not miss asking the architect.

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Hiring An Architect


Who Will Be The Designer?

There are high chances that you are hiring a firm and not a sole proprietor, and in such a case, the person you are meeting will not be the one who will handle the Design. There is no issue with that. The only aspect you need to focus on is communication. It should be obvious, and you must be able to convey what you are looking for.

Services Related To Management

The architect who you are hiring will not only offer just the blueprint but you will also get to completely handover the project with all its management. When you are meeting the professionals, you must ask them what are the services that they offer and what will be the cost that it will incur. The architect will also monitor the progress and will make some adjustments along the way to provide your project the best shape.

Any Signature Style

When you contact various architects, you will find several clients who will portray their work with pride. The design language that the client has to offer will be displayed in the portfolio. However, if you ask this, the architect will adapt their style with your idea, and you will see their creativity. Some architects will only deal with the modern, sleek, cottage, or any specific design. Once you get to confirm it with them, it will be easier for you to decide.

What And How Do They Charge?

The standard way an architect will charge you is based on the project cost. It will be somewhere around 5% to 20%. The variation will be due to the offered services and how complex the Design is going to be. Before signing the deal, you must discuss everything from the payment module to the percentage that they will charge. Most probably, they will bill you every month, or they might also charge you based on an hourly basis.

What And How Do They Charge

What And How Do They Charge

3D Design

Most of the architects will only offer you a 2D design and you might not see any difficulty in getting the design, it will not let you see the real-world look. There are various apps and software that these modern architects use and you will get a very detailed look of the final result that you will see. A detailed 3D design will offer you the view from different angles.